The Motherhood Q & A - Shoshan Orr

The Motherhood Q & A - Shoshan Orr

I'm Shoshan, or Shan, or recently mumumuuuuum

Mum to:
3 beautiful boys; Azariah, Emerson & Bodie (3yrs, 1 yes & 2mths)

Go to family meal:
Ooh definitely lasagne or nachos! Big hit all around, and I can sneak vege in too!

On my bedside table:
An acrylic arch of course, Lactation bar, book & spare nappy 

I'm reading...
"Save our sleep", it's routine time, IYKYK.
I am also reading recipes & Google searches about toddlers 

I'm watching...
An old fave, Chuck! Because who doesn't love a good spy watch

Favourite place in the world:
That I've visited ~ Thailand, Phuket. Such a fun place!
That I'd like to visit, some tropical island with no kids & free drinks

Best advise to new mums:
Dust doesn't rust. It means the housework can wait, really soak up those baby cuddles before they grow up to ask a billion questions & wipe their boogers on you.
Also making meals ahead of time is a lifesaver!

How do you juggle Mum life, business and content:
I won't lie, it's a struggle some days! I always prioritize my kids and make sure their needs are met. When they sleep I get as much work done as I can! And I try to involve the older 2 as much as possible with the housework & content creation, makes it more fun for everyone!

Fave piece in the Dear Mumma collection:
Totally bias for the lilac satin collection but also a neutral fan and the Oatmeal robe looks Devine 

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