Get to know Alicia - The Dear Mumma Founder

Get to know Alicia - The Dear Mumma Founder

Get to know Alicia the Dear Mumma Founder and Designer. 

Mumma to:
Brodie 3 years old and Noah 3 months old.  

What inspired you to start a maternity clothing brand?

When I was pregnant with Brodie I was on the hunt for a beautiful robe that actually covered my growing bump. I had some criteria.... I wanted it to fit me well and not drown me, be light and not too hot (as  had been told hospitals can get hot and you can get warm while feeding), it needed to be comfy but also look nice, like something I would usually wear. I couldn't find this unicorn robe so ended up opting for a larger size cheap robe from Kmart. 

Fast forward to May 2022 and I decided to make this robe a reality. Once I started designing and sourcing the idea quickly grew into a full Maternity collection and Dear Mumma was born. 

How did your personal experience of pregnancy influence your brand's mission and values?

My design decisions come from my personal experience in pregnancy but also those mothers around me. I felt like I lost my way with my personal style and identity through pregnancy and postpartum. This is a combination of the changing physical appearance but also what is on offer in the market to give you functional clothing fit for the purpose of pregnancy and feeding.

Being pregnant the second time while in the thick of starting this brand I was the ultimate test dummy. I tried on my old Pjs at 30 weeks pregnant and was reassured why I started designing this product they didnt fit, they were too short in the body and offered no function. I have now been putting them to the test while feeding and have been loving them! 

What challenges did you face when starting your own business, and how did you overcome them?

Starting a business is literally a rollercoaster ride. From high highs to low lows.

In the short time I've been running Dear Mumma I have had some amazing achievements however one setback can wipe those right out of your mind. 

To overcome this I've started a  Dear Mumma "Gratitude Journal" to help me capture those wins weekly so I celebrate them and don't just forget about them and move onto the next thing.  

Can you share some of your favorite maternity clothing items from your brand, and why you love them?

My favorite piece is the new Satin Pj Set. These are literally so comfortable to wear. It's a little piece of luxury you can put on every night. 

My vision behind this set was for them to be worn not only as sleepwear, but they were also designed to be lounged in or paired with a necklace and statement earring to wear to lunch, coffee, or a dinner date. 

The feeding access means these are great for night feeds but also great when you are out and about. They are super comfy, but the satin fabric gives it a elevated "dressed up" vibe. 

As a mother and business owner, how do you balance your personal and professional responsibilities?

I'm lucky to be able to have a mix of workdays and mum days. it's a great balance which means I'm getting to spend time with my big boy. Introducing a newborn into this has been a juggle but I know this will get easier.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of starting and growing your own business?

I love how ideas can become action. When it's your own business you can create, pivot, and action ideas as you want. 

A couple of highlights so far have been that first photoshoot seeing the samples on mums being ought to life, being asked to be in British Vogue magazine and seeing my brand in the Smith and Caughhey's window !

What are some exciting future plans for your brand?

I've got lots of plans for new product areas as well as growing our customer base in international markets. 

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