The Motherhood Q & A - Amanda Boock

The Motherhood Q & A - Amanda Boock

Name: Amanda Boock
Mumma to: Two active, cheeky boys, Caden (2yrs) and Macsen (4yrs)

On my bedside table
I have books, my phone, a notepad and pen to unload my brain before bed, and this cool bedside lamp that Alexa turns on and off for me, and it changes colours which entertains the boys in the morning.

Im reading…
I often do a bit of work in the evenings, so to help me wind down I love a light read to relax. At the moment I'm reading Colleen Hoover's "It Ends With Us" and I have the sequel "It Starts With Us" ready to go once I finish it.

Im watching…..
I have lots of series on the go at any one time, some good, some bad, and across all genres. I've just finished watching The White Lotus and Tell Me You Love Me. I was a TV Producer in my previous life, so I love all things content and especially shows with gritty, raw characters that expose elements of who we all are at times but are too afraid to show.

Favourite place in the world
Thailand will always hold a special place in my heart as that's where my husband, Richard and I got married

Best advice you could give to expectant mums
Your body is built for this - trust that it knows what to do when the time comes. And some more tactile advice - nourish your body with good food and drinks that comfort you. Also continue light strengthening workouts during pregnancy. The weakness around your back and core take a hit before and after your baby arrives and this strength will carry you when you're tired and when you're holding, rocking and putting your baby in the cot - because you spend hours every day doing these things!

How do you juggle mum life and running your own business.
When you undertake a new personal challenge, you have to constantly remind yourself why you're doing it to stay grounded. For me there are two reasons - I want to live a life pursuing things that make a difference and that make me and my family happy and proud. Having my own business means I'm in the driver's seat controlling the narrative and the impact my business has on the community. It also means I can choose how to spend my time, and that's the biggest reward. I can be there for my kids when they're sick, have appointments or even just for fun! Last week, we did a family trip to Rainbow's End on a Monday because, well, why not?! I also prioritise exercise, healthy food and I barely drink alcohol these days. I hate the hangovers - they stop me from being the best me and achieving my goals. Of course you have to make up the time somewhere, so I work most nights and a few hours on the weekends, but I don't mind that. The biggest challenge is switching off my brain - it's chaos in there! Haha :)

How/Why did you start The Chiller
The Chiller was 'a lockdown baby' :) During the stresses of lockdown, I had a baby and an active toddler, along with bad back pain following the birth. I turned to alcohol in the evenings to relieve the tightness in my body and to help me relax, but it made the next day unbearable. So I stopped completely, ate really well, and the change in how I felt was remarkable. I then quickly discovered that, unlike in the UK, US and Australia, there were so few good non-alcoholic drinks available in NZ. So I decided to make opting out with good alternatives easier for Kiwis, and launched July last year. We now have a range of 150 alcohol-free wines, beers, spirits and RTDs from around the world, from wellknown brands like Tanqueray Zero and Guinness 0, to small batch spirit distillers like Stillers and CleanCo, and craft beer brewers like Garage Project and Mash Gang, all producing non-alcoholic versions of their most popular alcoholic drinks.

What are your top drink picks for Pregnant or Breastfeeding mums
Our online store is like stepping into a bottle shop, only it's all alcohol-free. My recommendation is to choose your usual. Something that you enjoy and brings you comfort. You might just find your new favourite that sees you through pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond. A personal favourite of mine and one that's very popular, is our Savyll alcohol-free cocktail range including a Bellini, Mojito, Moscow Mule and Paloma (grapefruit margarita). The flavours are premium and sophisticated, like what you'd expect if you ordered one in a bar. I also love Lyre's Classico Sparkling and Ara Zero Rose, a crisp, dry rose with only 16 calories and 2.5 grams of sugar per glass!

Favourite piece from the Dear mumma collection
Gosh I wish Dear Mumma was around when I was pregnant because I wouldn't melted into bed in their satin pjs and lived in their maternity dressing gown - an absolutely must for the hospital bag!
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